GX-F Fiber


Mitsubishi Electric beams you to a place where no one has ever lasered before.


A Masterpiece Of Artificial Intelligence.

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The laser cutting systems of the GX-F series are based on the highly efficient fiber laser technology and thus enable highest cutting speeds due to the wavelength of 1.07 µm. Non-ferrous metals can also be processed economically. They guarantee maximum performance when processing sheets up to 28 mm thick with dimensions of 3,050 x 1,525 mm. The GX-F machines are equipped as standard with an automatic pallet changer for maximum productivity.


  • Sheets up to 3,050 x 1,525 m

  • Highest reliability

  • High cutting quality

  • Maximum machining speed from thin to thick

  • Lowest operating costs

  • Simple operation

Are you ready for the future of laser processing? More output, less input.

Mitsubishi Electric can beam you up where no one has lasered before …

We found that more sensors are needed to monitor quality – throughout the process
we use sound, cameras and additional optical sensors so that we can check
what happens inside the laser source and much, much more.
Once we had all the required data, we needed an ultra-fast CNC to evaluate them.
Luckily, Mitsubishi Electric
had already produced it – it is called D-CUBES.
Now we only needed to control more process parameters than ever before, obtain

a laser source that delivers the highest beam quality and eliminate delays that occur through interfaces.
A unique laser source was developed that can generate a brilliant beam quality
permitting predictive maintenance. The only thing we kept was the wavelength of
the traditional fiber laser. After a period of intense development, a solution ideal
for automated systems is ready for you to run and run and run.


Mitsubishi Electric laser source

AI-assisted control

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Designed for automation

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Achieving higher profits

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Exceptional beam quality

is the fundamental requirement.

ZoomHead – adjustments and piercing in record time

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GX-F-Brochure-EN1.00-LQ-03 (3).png

Anyone constantly switching between sheet material of different thicknesses wants to resume cutting as quickly as
possible – and without compromising on cutting quality. The ZoomHead developed by Mitsubishi Electric delivers
speed and flexibility – for many years to come. Combined with the high quality beam from Mitsubishi Electric’s own
laser source, piercing time dropped dramatically by up to 60 %, making it possible to pierce a 25 mm thick mild
steel within 0.8 seconds (8 kW fiber laser source).


AI assistance is like a built-in operator

with 37 years of laser experience and still constantly learning.

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GX-F-Brochure-EN1.00-LQ-04 (2).png
GX-F-Brochure-EN1.00-LQ-04 (3).png
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AI diagnosis constantly monitors the cutting process using different sensors.If an abnormality is detected, it interrupts the process and inspects the condition of the nozzle with the AI nozzle monitor.

If the AI nozzle monitor does not detect any nozzle damage during its inspection,the processing parameters are adjusted automatically and the cutting process can continue accordingly.

If nozzle damage is identified, the nozzle changer automatically replaces the nozzle
– without operator intervention being required.
The cutting process can continue.

With up to 21 nozzles, you are readyforany changes in material thickness and AI
assistance also has enough spare nozzles
in case of any nozzle damage. Theresult is that very long unmanned jobs
are possible.


Fast track to the perfect result.

Dialogue assisted navigation.

Multi-touch display with gesture control

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Simply swipe to the required screen. Graphics can be
easily scaled.

An easy start thanks to dialogue guidance

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Simply touch the destination on the screen and press
the start button to move the processing head to the desired position.

Staying on top of the process

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During the cutting process the remaining time until the end of the program is shown on the D-CUBES display, and this is also indicated by the 5-lamp signal tower. This way the operator can always keep on top of the process – either at the machine or at a remote location.


2 cameras for a predictable result.

Virtual top-view for maximum remnant piece utilisation and minimum set-up time.

Virtual top-view picture

GX-F-Brochure-EN1.00-LQ-06 (1) (1).png

After placing the remnant sheet somewhere within the working area, a virtual top-view picture can be taken by using two cameras within the processing system.

Easy placing and nesting

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Afterwards single parts or nestings can be placed on the remnant sheet. This makes sure that the parts really fit on the designated remnant sheet. Just press start to cut the required parts or nestings.



SR-F Fiber


3050 x 1525 mm

2 /4 kW


GX-F Fiber


3050 x 1525 mm

4 / 6 / 8 kW


RX-F Fiber

4050 x 2060 mm


4 / 6 / 8 kW


SR CrossFlow


3050 x 1525 mm

2,7 kW

eX Plus CrossFlow


3050 x 1525 mm

4,5 / 6 kW


RX CrossFlow


4050 x 2060 mm


4,5 / 6 kW