Automation has to be flexible.

Integrating different makes.

Is a laser system with a pallet changer still not enough for you? With a higher rate of automation you can boost machine capacity utilisation and produce more parts per hour. Intelligent, customised automation solutions are available so that you can achieve the state of automation that best serves your needs. The degrees of automation extend from loading and unloading systems through to the fully automatic integration of several laser cutting machines in automatic storage systems.

The first fully integrated system for the

cutting, sorting and storage of sheet metal


LASORTING redefines the automation strategy in sheet metalworking: its holistic treatment of the process has brought forth a single integrated multifunctional system capable of controlling the entire production process from cutting and sorting through to the storage of the finished parts.

The outcome of cooperation between Mitsubishi Electric and ASTES4 – LASORTING – is the synthesis of the most advanced technologies in 2D laser cutting and flexible automation. A project inspired by the simple idea of increasing the industry’s process efficiency and performance to a new level.

Automation modules 30MA & 40MA

Loading and unloading systems made by Mitsubishi Electric - continuously high laser capacity utilization through automated loading and unloading

The loading and unloading systems 30MA & 40MA create new possibilities and capacities.Laser systems are often waiting to be reloaded because the process of “breaking out parts, picking parts and placing new metal sheets on the shuttle table” takes longer than the laser

system cuts. Result: Lower main times and higher non-productive times. Only which customer pays for unnecessary non-productive times?

The 30MA & 40MA automation modules separate these two processes from each other. Thelaser system is permanently supplied with new metal sheets, while the cut sheets are placedon pallets provided for this purpose. These pallets can be cyclically removed from the system

as required and transported to a picking station. At this place the process “break out and pickparts” takes place – detached from the cutting process.This also enables unmanned shifts.

Automation ready!

You don’t know exactly what will happen in a few years or you want to start “small”? No problem – our automation solutions can be retrofitted at any time. So your laser cutting system can grow with your needs. The integration of our laser cutting systems into third-party automation is also possible – we would be happy to provide the interface information required for this.